Sp2400 accessability for blind users menu narration?

Hi everyone hope you’re doing well and staying safe. This is a question for brad and the rest of the development team I hope nobody minds if I post it hear.
I seem to recall awhile ago there was an Instagram video which I can’t find now where Brad said that there would be menu narration features in the sp2400 for blind users, but I haven’t heard any more about this is this still in the pipeline? I’m always happy to discuss this further with the team I have a few ideas of how it could be achieved :slight_smile: if somebody could reply to this post and let me know what’s going on that would be brilliant thank you once again for your kind help :slight_smile:

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@Warrior: I recently recieved my S2400 and have also heard Brad Holland say something similar in a podcast of 4 months ago on their Youtube channel. He riffed about a small dev. team that was working on it.

I would love to see this very important feature built into the firmware ASAP, because, the visualy impaired world of audio production would become a lot bigger. And the S2400 would sell to a much broader audience. The big corps Yamaha, Korg, NI, Roland: NOTHING! The technology has been there over a decade, but they are reluctant. I hope Isla Instruments will find time to do it. Or else we have to wait.

Do you own a S2400? Perhaps we can try once again to contact Brad or Mickey on this, together.