Maxed out SD 128gb Card

Today i fired up my s2400 and i tried to sample some wax and it wouldn’t let me save the sound into a pad. I have came to realize that my SD card is maxed out with 570 patterns saved. Ive tried a new SD card and i have experienced no problems. It also wont let me save a new pattern if i pick sounds from my own kit. I was wondering if anybody has had this problem with there unit?

I have had that problem twice now. I have a large collection of songs on my 512 GB SD card. When I get to 2 GB left on the card it gets tricky. After a while I cannot save anything anymore. The progress bar stays at 0%.

After copying all files to another drive, formatting the SD and moving back all files from that drive to the SD, the problem was solved. But some months later I got into again.

No idea what is causing this. Maybe there is a max to the file allocation table or old references are not cleaned up.

Do you mean that you load from one card and try to save to the other? If so, that is not allowed. One card only is the bottom line restriction, because not all files are placed in memory, some are streamed from SD. So, when you want to save to a 2nd card, the first (source) card cannot be inserted and you miss those source files.

Gotcha. I didnt know if i was the only one. Well when i try to save on the max sd card it just freezes up on me. when i try to open a kit on that max sd card i pick my sounds to a pad and say i make a pattern it wont let me save the pattern at all. so im convinced that it is maxed. sampliling is a big problem as well it wont let me sample from any source computer or wax it just freezes up on me.