Looped and gated drum sounds

Referring to our Facebook group discussion, I am throwing a package with drums to be checked. All sounds in this folder except “SNR12NT_resample” on the s2400 are looped. All sounds were copied from mpc and none of them were previously looped.


Yes, they all contain a <smpl> chunk.


When the S2400 finds a <smpl> data chunk in a WAVE file, it reads the loop start and end from the chunk, and turns on gated and loping.

OK, then how can i avoid it for the future? I just save samples on mpc live 2 and copied it on SD card to the S24 via usb cable

For now, you will just have to check after loading the sound.
The standard usage of a smpl chunk in a WAV file is to specify looping. It is very strange that it is there for no reason.

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Hmmm ok, thanks!