Loop slice level normalize resets fine pitch setting

Not sure if it is a real bug because there are workarounds to prevent the following but:

1- resample something pitch like 33@45
2- go to pitch mode, shift+A, fine pitch -5.37
3- go to loop/slice mode, A, level, normalize, level, save, save file

->fine pitch setting is lost

The pitch setting (fine or course) is saved in the kit, not in the WAV file itself.

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Thank you.
So the workaround is setting a transpose value in the track setting fixes the problem.

The transpose setting is also saved in the KIT file.
I am not clear on what exactly you are experiencing.

I see. It might be a useful bug then. I ll take a video at the weekend.

From what I remember, if I set transpose then normalize and save the transpose setting is not lost.

If I don t use transpose but fine pitch, after normalizing and saving the fine pitch setting is lost.

When you say save, do you mean save the project, or save the sample?

Save the sample.
The background is saving the sample in the waveform editor (loop/slice → normalize)

I always save the project at a random timing in mixer mode. Usually after creating sequences, not when editing samples.

I haven’t tried but I suppose if I do pitch adjustment, save project, normalize, save sample I wouldn’t lose pitch fine or coarse adjustment right?

Yes, that’s right. The pitch is saved with the kit (which is also part of a project), not with the WAV file.

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Saving the project before normalizing and saving a sample doesn’t seem to make the pitch setting saved/ remembered (after normalization).

I’ve tried to take a reproducible video. Sorry for saving the sample twice towards the end. It is tough to do everything at the same time with only one hand :slight_smile:

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