Live Loop tracks not loading in properly

I have a Project i created with the shipped firmware and i upgraded to the 2021-02-09 Update.
The Live Loops i recorded into the project seem to load initially, but do not play back and appear to be empty while the A button is lit on each track containing a recorded loop.
I can see and preview the loops on the SD card, and i can get them to load in and play if i change the sync settings around a bit.
I downgraded to 2021-02-08 Update and had the same issue, so now i ended up with 2020-12-16 Update and the problem resolved and everything loads correctly with no hassle.
I also noticed some of my samples had new endpoint clicks in them on the newest updates but are now clean again using the older firmware.


What sync setting did you change to get it to work?

I changed the Clock Source setting, at the time i was using USB B and changing to any other setting and back seemed to fix it temporarily although it was still spotty afterward. Sometimes it seemed to wait until the next time the segment looped to play the samples.

If the clock source is not internal, then the Run button does not start playback. You have to press Shift+Run to override the clock source.

Right, starting playback was not the problem, getting the live loop samples to play was. Everything from Bank A played properly.

So i reloaded the new firmware to make a short video explaining the problem and this time things seem to be working better. Not sure what was going on with that, i tested in Internal and with USB B sync and wasn’t getting anything.when initially loading the program.
I just noticed that the Live Loops do not trigger on initial playback when slaved to Ableton (USB B), they wait until the first time the segment loops to kick in.
Also, the endpoint clicks… Some of my Bank samples have new endpoint clicks after upgrading to the new firmware, so i snap them to a zero point, save the project, reboot, reload the project, and the endpoint clicks are there again.


Oh, now I understand the issue. The liveloops do not start when externally synced. That is def a bug we can fix.


Are you hearing clicks when pressing the pad, when the sounds play in the pattern, both?


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Looks like both my issues got solved with the 2021-02-27 Update…