Link / parent control for parameters

in my facebook post i wrote…
would be great if some way you can link the filter pots together so that you only need dial in a change to a master pot and it would effect all tracks? That would be mighty useful. Especially if you were to use it live. Ditto - the same idea but with a master pitch control. in fact a parent control to each of the the parameters if possible.

This would (in, for example, filter editing, move the filter settings of all the tracks up and down by whatever changes you made to the parent control. Would be great for sound design / chaos.

Filter makes perfect sense. That has already been requested a couple of times (including by Brad).
Less useful on other parameters. Pitch? I can’t see repitching all of my samples at once, but I guess that’s a thing. All parameters? Like changing the attack of every sound at once? or the slice parameters - that wouldn’t even work with samples being al different lengths.

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The pitch one would be a sound design thing really. Some interesting and unexpected things could happen . Probably wouldn’t want to use it in every song but - for instance in the roland vp9000 from the days of yore - those effects sound better when applied to collections of sounds - kind of a macro application if you will. Yes the attack thing would be useless really. And the slice thing - in my mind - similar to the filter thing you would apply a change which would add / subtract to where the filters were already set and if it reach the uppermost or lowermost settings then that would be a wall - similarly with slice points if you did the additional change and it shifted the slice to the end or start of your recording then that would be a wall to one of your slice points. If you know what I mean . But really thinking about it now - I guess such a thing would be limited in its usefulness.

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Some food for thought, the Tempest has beat-wide macros for changing attack or decay for all sounds and it’s awesome. You can instantly make everything super tight or super whooshy and fluffy.

On the Tempest it’s implemented as a temporary override, you can revert back to the original beat with the press of a button.

I’m not trying to say you should add this feature, just saying that as a feature it can be great. In the context of using the s2400 as a drum machine, or with mostly A/R envelopes, it could work really well.