Level Function Not Working

Latest firmware here.

The level setting function is not at all on my unit. I press the ‘Level’ button and trigger my sample while moving the fader, but no change to the volume is taking place. It’s almost behaving like its affecting the sample end point or amp envelope decay.

The fader works fine in the common mix mode

Hey @kevLew.mrLEW I just tested on the latest beta os and it seems to be working here. For testing, I loaded a drum loop, put it in level mode, and hit the drum loop. As I moved the fader the volume went up and down respectively. I will load the last release and retest.

Thanks for checking. I’ll make a video sometime tomorrow. It may be something with my machine. I still don’t CC1 messages going out to my synths

I just loaded the 7-15 os and it seems to be working- please do post a video and I can try on the latest beta