Is there a faster way/setting to record multiple/several "takes" of patterns?

Whenever I record tracks/patterns, pad hits, midi-seq keyboard, etc., I tend to do a lot of “takes” sometimes.

On the mpc60, I simply just re-hit PlayStart+Record and it will automatically wipe/delete the last “take”… and then I just do another “take" quickly.

With the s2400, Rec+Run acts like my mpc60’s “Overdub+Record” (correct me if I’m wrong?)… I have to manually Erase the last take each&every time before I can record another new take… which is a lot of wasted energy/time. (unless this is my user error and I’m using the wrong?)

Also, each time I erase the last take, if I forget/accidentally-miss to hit a Pad to first select it, it’ll erase the entire pattern, causing you to freak out. Good thing there’s Undo!

Imo, erasing just a particular track/pad and erasing the entire pattern is waaay too close/similar to each other in terms of quick muscle-memory-button-presses. I know it says/warns you on screen first… but using muscle-memory, you don’t look at the screen sometimes and hit buttons super quick.

Perhaps I’m a moron… I just realized the s2400’s Rec+Run (and needing to always manually delete any unwanted takes each&every time) is by-design, and perhaps there can’t be another way around it… (correct me if I’m wrong)

…because, if it was anything like the mpc60’s PlayStart+Rec (which is per Ch recording), then it would delete the entire pattern’s bank every-time you’d hit Rec+Run. (correct me if I’m wrong)… because a Bank has all its’ samples/pads/tacks readily available all at once.

As where, on the mpc60, you are recording only 1 selected Channel at a time…
Seq 1, Track 1 = Ch 16a-d drums (which used mpc’s 16/32 pads/samples)… hit PlayStart+Rec to make or re-do takes of those drums/samples.


Seq 1, Track 2 = Ch 1a or 1b (which is mpc’s midi-A or midi-B Outs into an external synth/machine)… hit PlayStart+Rec to make or re-do takes.

The s2400’s Banks A-D is kinda like mpc60’s Ch 16a-d …it’s internal samples only.
A single s2400 Bank is kinda like having all 8-pads/channels readily available and recordable all at one… so a PlayStart+Rec that automatically deletes the last take may not work (correct me if I’m wrong)

And, s2400’s Banks E-H is kinda like mpc60’s Ch 1-15a-d …midi stuff.

…anyways, someone on GS mentioned a shortcut is to just hold Delete, then press a Pad.
This is nice… 1 less button press and also avoids accidental entire-Pattern erase.

I was about to remind you of Erase+Pad.
There is also undo.

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I use Copy + Back (undo) for retakes without having to stop/start when laying down a MIDI sequence - its pretty quick