Is firmware development on hold?

Had the 60 (and also an S950) since 2009 iirc.
Love it… know it pretty good and quick. Muscle memory makes it a breeze. But, I’m over floppy disks, finicky floppy drives. Also, they’re aging a bit and sometimes need minor repair/reconditioning/reseating of tact-switches, plugs, floppy drive, etc.

Love the S2400 mostly because it’s a true 12-bit machine with SD card, MSC connectivity and also easy internal resampling of all my sample files.

so then, for all you magpies

if you did not see the latest vid talking about off their new platform there is some info in it that might make some of you happy

go watch - listen :slight_smile:


Suuuuper disappointed that the machine that I bought that came labeled with an “effects” button has apparently no future effects in sight

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Read the manual of what your going to purchase before you buy it… What year is it?
I do not want any effects myself.

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Lol I bought it when it was an unfinished product needing support… An unfinished product purporting to deliver eight voices and effects! It’s 2022, if you’re struggling to remember

i am quite sure from the start he made it clear in video numerous times that the effects button is for the filters which we have

the additions were always talked about as an after market product and it was discussed numerous times about the spare slot inside the machine - of course the world taking a shit on us several times the last couple years hasn’t helped

i too bought early, know what was promised and we have a hell of a lot more than what i paid for

years and years of dev in this thing

oh , he just received 1000 of the processors that sit at the heart of the 2400 so that massive boost may create a hell of a lot of income which MAY spur other development…who knows what s down the rd :slight_smile:

We are working on bug fixes, we are working on a few new features.
We’ve said before that we will work on cc stuff, although how the implementation will work/be limited is unsure yet.
We’ve got a LOT of stuff going on, and @Mickey also has other projects to work on, not just for Isla instruments.

yes we needed a bit of a break.

i can’t answer every single wishlist question and to say that I have no communication is simply not fair, I guess people just dislike me not giving them a direct, personal answer.
I can’t do that, if I replied to every single DM I get I’d probably commit suicide within a month.

Stuff is coming.


I’m struggling to remember?
You dont even know what you bought toy…

As for Brad. As he said. Bug Fixes on the way, I’m more than happy with that.

Let’s keep it civil folks. Save that kinda energy for Gear Space.