Inputs Monitoring

I’m trying to take an audio track that was recorded into a daw, and use the output of my Apollo through a reamper, to take a sample of a section the track in the S2400.

  1. Do I use sample or input monitoring section?
  2. I’ve tried both, but can’t get s2400 to get audio (I’ve confirmed the apollo is putting the audio out as I routed it from the output back into an input track and it was able to record the audio onto a new track in the daw)

I currently have the signal going into input 1, but no sound hitting the 2400.
So…I’m not quite sure what the best practice is here. any suggestions/wisdom is most welcome!!!

Hey @Urmy14 - make sure that whatever output from the apollo is going into the selected input of the 2400. I do something similar with my 2400- I use a 2nd monitor out to allow sampling “anything I hear” into the 2400. Sampling and inputmonitoring are similar but separate concepts. if you want to sample just make sure that you are selecting the correct sample input. Input monitoring is more useful for checking audio in and levels for the looper mode.

Thanks! that helped.