Increase waveform height in Loop/Slice

Hey all!

Not sure if I’m alone here but I would love to see the ability to increase the waveform height in Loop/Slice mode. I find it really useful when working in Pro Tools or on the MPC1k to be able to show more detail in my waveform and it would be an extremely appreciated tool on the 2400. I was thinking that using the shift button + encoder wheel would be a good way to implement that but I’m no embedded dev so just an idea.

Totally understood that this is very low on the list of priorities but wanted to throw it out there for Mickey and the crew as I haven’t seen this request around.



I thought the same at first but as I normalize all my samples I’m fine without it.

Just to say that “normalize” can be the solution for the lack of vertical zoom :slight_smile:

That’s true, but not always optimal. Either way a good enough solve for now!

I agree that vertical zoom makes the waveforms easier to see. Early versions of the waveform editor always zoomed. However, testers pointed out that it makes all sounds look like they are normalized to 0dB, so the zoom was removed. It might be nice to have it back as an option, as long as we can figure out a way to make it clear that it is zoomed.


Adjustable zoom (like MPC2000s and later) could be cool but I have no clue how implementation would work

The screen is so small, I think zoomed or not would be the options. Just need an indicator so you know it’s not really as loud as it looks.


Totally fair Mickey. Personally I think that if it were implemented to the 2400 firmware a la JJOS where it’s clear what amp. zoom level is being displayed (i.e. 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 4x, etc up in the corner) it wouldn’t be a problem but I also totally see where the beta testers were coming from on that front.

Again, probably not a big to-do on the list of priorities. Just wanted to get my thoughts out!