I was browsing Juno.co.uk and then

:nerd_face: :+1: :fire: :crazy_face: :smiling_imp:

That’s a lot cheaper than we’ve payed as early backers :eyes:

Especially after my VAT and duty is added but who knows if that price is fixed…

I have no idea where they have come up with those prices, but it isn’t from me.

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Hmm… interesting. So what happens if we buy it there at those prices they show?

I’ve spoken with Juno about the matter.
Should be resolved soon.

Pre-order pricing is what helps us get into mass production and also create a bit of buzz.
It’s not indicative of the final price, which will be more in-line with the S2400 by the looks of things.


What! I was going to order at that price! Now look what you have done Stanley l. See Juno have change it now - at £1700 probably will not order - i still need to hear more! Plus anyway you could not by it at that price because Juno don’t let you pre-order until they have stock.