HPF where's the beef?

There’s no bass boosted (hpf) even with full resonance, sweeping the low end. There is a little bit but the res does nothing to increase it.
Or am I just used to elektron filters now.


I can’t say that it has bothered me, but I have noticed this a bit in comparison to my other gear (which admittedly hasn’t been getting as much attention since the s2400 arrived).

Maybe the future revision-board with the 8x sweepable analog filters will solve it.

It’s a big part of sound design for me, when there is no EQ.

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I know what you mean about that, one thing I really miss using the HPF especially is filter tracking, then you could have a bit more control of the resonant peak at least.

You want a high pass filter to boost the bass?


Using resonance right at the bass note, yes, a HPF can do this.
If you can do filter tracking, it can be even more useful.

Or you could use the provided individual out and send the signal to a proper EQ. :slight_smile:

Or you could use a hpf to boost the bass.:yum:


And how is that working out for you? My outboard EQ boosts the bass incredibly well without distortion and without resonating the potentially WRONG frequency. :wink:

Sorry, I’m just being a smart ass :grin:

got me :laughing:

First off, I’m super glad there any filters in this thing at all.

It does seem the digital filters have very little headroom, so as far as I can tell the filter reduces the overall volume of the sample, as the resonance value increases. And, the resonance control’s max (255) doesn’t go too high intentionally, to keep the filter from distorting. So, there’s not much beef to be had. Of course, I could be completely wrong about all this.

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You can really hear the potential beefiness when you switch on the Band Pass filter and start sweeping around. I’m sure a beefier HPF is just a program tweak away, if they had a mind to.

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Isn’t it

It’s a common thing.

Set the cutoff frequency for sub-bass or whatever and crank resonance. Instant boom

Wouldn’t that work better with a LPF instead of a HPF however?

No. The LPF would kill almost everything but the resonant freq and below… you’d hear mostly sub created from the filter itself.

A HPF keeps the transients and the source material more or less intact.

Are you sure you don’t have that backwards?


Low pass cuts highs.

High pass cuts lows.