The Current Filters

What is the slope on the current filters? It must be very minimal, since I can not seem for the life of me to cut anything at all using these. Even HPF cut to 10k and above, I still hear every frequency, including the sub frequencies.

Searching for “slope” in the manual, gives me 0 results so assuming it’s not mentioned? (I did look through with other terms too ofc.)

EDITING TO ADD: Feature request for more filter slope options, especially an extreme option like -96db.

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I’m assuming you are talking about the per channel digital filters? Don’t know for sure but seem to be about ~12db Using the latest beta, I can load an 808 cymbal and set the hi pass to 10khz and I notice the lower frequencies missing as I sweep the frequency higher. That said I seem to remember I using a hi pass on something very bass heavy and it seemed to bleed through more than I would expect. I will try to reproduce that scenario. If you can add a few more details about what sound you are trying to filter(maybe post if it is a a short 1 shot). @Mickey @av500 would know the slope though so maybe they will chime in with the real number.

Yeah I mean the digital filters…

I was just trying to high pass some of the low end of a break iirc, this was the other day. Had to compare it to the MPC Live in the end just to check I wasn’t going nuts, which I thankfully wasn’t haha. Was just impossible to actually high pass anything. Seems more like an “on top” kind of Filter Effect as is, if that makes any sense?

Would be great to know the slope for sure. And it would definitely be a great and welcome addition to add some more radical slope options, like -96db. If that’s possible, but should be right?

I should add I also then tried the same for Low Pass, and got very similar, albeit obviously opposite, results. Which is why I’m asking about the slope.

Do put in a feature request in the Feature Requests - Isla Instrumentalists forum for new filter types. I like the idea.

I mean, I guess I can just turn this thread into that?

Heard from @av500 they are Ladder type 24db filters. I no longer have move privileges or I would move this over to the feature request forum.

Cool I’ve changed it.

Pretty sure 24db would give me a MUCH harder slope than what I was hearing, seemed closer to 4 tbh. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or something’s up?

Have you got playback overide switched on for the channel u are filtering? In my understanding this is how to get it to work (post recording sample). After you have changed filter value you could re- record whatever sample and the filter will be baked in. Or if you dont wanna re-record you can turn record overide on after setting filter, press record and the pad and it should overide the filter… This is how mine seems to work anyhow- Not sure if there is a more optimal way of doing things, this is just the conclusion i came to playing around with the machine…

Yeah I’m aware of PB override, it’s redundant now I’m sequencing from the Amiga anyway, everything is now instant.

Also, I would hear absolutely NO change if that was the case. I can hear it’s doing something, just not actually cutting much. Like I say, slope sounded like around 4db not 24db.

I’ll do a couple recordings vs another -24db slope filter when I get a sec.

I confirm the lowpass is 24dB/Octave:

filter cutoff is at 2kHz, 16 kHz is 3 octaves above 2kHz and it’s ~70db down, thats ~24dB/octave


Do the high pass next pleeeeez…

I’ll do the fandango

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I’d like to see that :relaxed: