Akai S950 Low Pass Filter Settings

I’ve got an S950 and a S2400. If you interested in getting the digital Low Pass filter in the S2400 to sound similar to an S950, try the following settings:

  • For quick Low Pass filtering: set Resonance to 34 and sweep away

  • For deep Low Pass bassline filtering: use Channel 6; Engage Fixed Filter in Effects: set Resonance to 47 - sounds most authentic below 1.2k. For example, 500Hz Cutoff on the S2400 is similar to the 25 setting on the S950; 1100Hz Cutoff on the S2400 is similar to 35 on the S950.

TheS950 and S2400 filters are obviously different, but this will get you a similar sound, if you’re interested in that type of thing :+1:


Thank you.

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Specifically channel 6?

Yes. The characteristics of the fixed analog filter on channel 6, combined with the digital filter’s resonance being set at 47, created the closest match to the S950’s steeper filter frequency cutoff slope with settings below 1.2k. Channel 5 may be similar, but I ran my spectral analyzer tests with white noise using channel 6.

Channels 5, 4, & 3 will roll off more high end. In the end, it’s up to your ears what you like better👍


Okay, cool. Do I have I have the rest of the analog filters on too - channels 1-5?

No, you just turn the fixed analog filter on 6, and then make sure the sample or samples you want to filter are set to 6 as well.

But, if you need another channel to filter another bassline, try using channel 5… or use the digital filter alone (set to 34 on the resonance) on any channel with the fixed analog filter off.

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Okay, thanks!

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Thanks fam… imah try this

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Love it!