S950 Low Pass Filter Emulation


As many people use the OG SPs with an S900/S950 and have gotten used to the characteristics of the low pass filters, it would be really cool, if there was an S950 low pass filter emulation on the S2400. It just has a different sound to it, than a regular low pass filter.

It could be an additional type to choose from in the digital filters.

Just a thought, don’t know if it’s possible.



There has been talk for a while about varying daughter cards that could have effects or filter types, and Brad is not opposed to third party options. These are a way off from being developed however. I personally want a Mutronics Mutator type stereo filter.

From a programming perspective I have no idea what is achievable with the digital filters already on the S2400 or what may happen down the line. There is work currently being done on bugs and a some other feature sets that take precedence.



I remember a couple of weeks back about Brad buying an s950 from reverb for “research purposes’

Brad/Isla Devs
Check out the Sp950 and Rx950 vsts for some inspiration
And the process that propellerheads recently used to create an sp12 combinator.
It was as simple as sampling white noise into an sp 12 and then exporting to view through some type of spectral analyzer and matching the drawing of the frequency of the white noise.

I’ll link you

SP950 SP950 effect plugin - The SP-1200 and S950 sound - YouTube

RX950 RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter - YouTube

SP12/1200 Reason Combinator I Cloned the Legendary SP-1200 Sound Inside Reason!! - YouTube

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There are settings in the link below you can try by the way.

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