How do u finish a project? Export options?

Hi there been reading a lot on this forum(thanks to all of you) and so far i haven’t found much on this topic either here or in the Manual(wip).

So my question is at the moment the only way to finish a project with multitracks is to record the physical outputs am i right?

I know audio via usb will be very helpfull to track quickly and without a 8 input soundcard wich is an awesome option.

Although i wonder if like in the mpc software you would be able to export de 8 tracks out of song mode separately?

From my experience i have 32 audio outs via usb on my mpc and i rarely use it becouse i can take care of everything in song mode record my track mutes and export my song into separate tracks all within the machine and import the audio files into my daw after.

This way i can manage to separate the composition tasks from the mixing & mastering tasks. Plus i don’t have to deal with delay compensation problems.

Also can you export a master output at the moment? Or do you need to record into your daw/tape at all times?

Sorry for my messy english

I generally build the arrangement up on my 2400/1200/sp-16 and then record each part into the daw. I use my daw as a sampler to do more arrangement and editing. I’m not sure if usb audio would benefit me or not since I often print effects when I record. I think that’s the reason I don’t like working with mpcs as much since that workflow is more tailored to complete compositions.

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I think right now the only option is to record the tracks individually, either through the individual outs to an 8 input soundcard, or by muting/soloing and recording each track individually in multiple passes. I’m doing the second method right now, which is tedious but worth the effort. I believe eventually we’re supposed to be getting other options, such as resampling tracks to WAV files, as well as audio over USB.


Audio over usb will be available but it will bypass the filters on the way out. I highly recommend an 8 input audio interface with a patchbay (or a mixer with 12 inputs or so) I have my audio interface on my desk with all my racked synths going into the back of the patchbay and the S2400 going into the front. It effectively doubles your inputs.


I think I will do the patch bay thing as well.

Anyone have experience with this rack?

Super cheap and thinking about behringer patch bay as well.

Yeah I had it it was sturdy and did the job. There are better looking racks out there but easily twice as much.

that rack is plenty fine, heavy items @ the bottom in racks like this, don’t get hung up on aesthetics as the gear is all you see anyway

the behri patchbay is a bargain too, very convenient due to the switches

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I don’t have my s2400 yet. But I often end up not finishing a lot of my beats. Im working on mpc live for the most part at the moment. But the last couple of weeks I have started to track out my beats through the stereo out’s into a sp 303 via one of the comps, then into ableton via a rme fireface 400. Doing either a song mode/ live mix with muting and using effects ect. Or just a live mix shifting between seq’s and muting using effects ect, all in the mpc. In ableton i apply a tape vst on the stereo and a limiter on the master. It works great for me and it let me finish tracks quick.

Cant you export the master track to the SD card

not YET

If its not been implemented it should be as the workflow will be vastly improved.

Hey guys,

If I understand correctly, audio via USB is not available yet, right? I received my s2400 this week, and I am trying to find the best way to export audio, as I am without an audio card available at this time.