Help with midi setup using external synth

hello all, Im a new user i just got the 2400 an loving it so far but im having much trouble connecting my Roland JDXI to it for sequencing. it’s been a while since ive connected synths to a drum machine i come from the Asr-10 and mPC3000. i have it hooked like this

Roland (midi Out port jack and midi cable going to 2400 In Midi Jack)

I’ve set the Roland to Slave and i’ve watched the youtube tutorial but still none of my sounds are playing back during sequencing. any and all help is appreciated.

You have your IN and OUT reversed. You need to have S2400 OUT to JDXI IN.

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Big Thanks…i switched the cords out, i can play the JDXI notes on the pads, but playing directly from the synth still gives no results on playback.

To play from the keys you’d need to use two midi cables. One cable going IN and OUT of both machines.

also switch local off on the JDXI when you connect from the synth to the S2400 and back


Absolutely! I should have mentioned in my post.


we all help each other here. cheers mate

MAJOR thanks guys i have sound on the playback now (further proof i should have remembered local mode off)…the only problem i have now is the mod wheel and pitch bend wheel seem disabled.

yes that’s the problem with local off indeed… I also haven’t find a solution for this yet. Maybe somebody else knows…

I just got one of these. You do just about anything you can think of with midi.