Headphone Volume?

Got my 2400 last week and it is absolutely magnificent. I’m so delighted to have this machine, it’s more than I hoped it would be :slight_smile:

One issue I haven’t figured out is controlling the headphone volume correctly. My ‘Phones’ control knob seems to either go from loud to really loud or sometimes it seems to have no effect at all and the volume remains fixed at pretty loud. I’ve also noticed that the control tends to be more responsive if I plug my headphones in after I turn the machine on so I’m not sure if there’s some sort of calibration performed on booting? My headphones are an old pair of Sony DJ headphones so I think they are reasonable to use.

Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere that I can enable/control the better in some way? I would expect that full “left” on the Phones knob would be no sound and rotating clockwise would increase the volume all the way to really loud at full clockwise.

I’m hoping I’m just missing some sort of setting or adjustment. If this is a bug I’d be glad to better characterize it/develop reproduction steps.

I’m grateful for any insight anyone can share, I’m really excited about this machine :sunglasses:

This sounds like a hardware issue. Maybe the internal cable to the phones jack came loose in shipping.
Definitely submit a support ticket.

Hi Mickey, I appreciate the follow up and I will submit a ticket. I’m going to spend a little more time getting my head around the issue before I do so I can characterize it as best as I can.

Another way of describing most of what I had been experiencing was that the “bottom half” of the headphone knob rotation seemed to have little to no effect with the volume set at a decent level and then the “upper half” of the headphone rotation effecting the volume as expected (so 0% to 50% rotation is like 50% volume and then 50% to 100% rotation controls the volume as expected from 50% to 100%)

When I was using the machine last night, the responsiveness seemed better through the whole 0%-100% range, although still not perfect. The biggest tell remains that there is still some level, although lower than before, when the headphone is fully down/counterclockwise/at 0. That is unusual, correct? I would expect that it is but want to confirm before I assume there’s an issue.

One issue I experienced not long after receiving the 2400 was where I was trying out resampling. I resampled the sound on a track and after that the headphone volume suddenly increased as if a significant amount of gain had been added to the output. This wasn’t that the sample had had gain added because it was all of a sudden the noise of the machine was clearly audible in the background without playing anything. I was wondering if there was a software aspect to that? I’ve been unable to reproduce this on a few attempts since I posted, I did however update the firmware between then and posting.

I’ve really only been using the headphone jack so I should check the mains/outputs as well.

Thanks for the follow up, it’s a spectacular machine and I’m able to work with samples in some ways I’ve never done with my other hardware samplers. Also, headphone volume issues aside the machine sounds insane! It’s like any sound I put into it sounds better than off my computer :tada:

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My HP-out volume kinda seems lower than normal, and I always have it at Full CW position.
I can see this may be an issue if you use the S2400 HP-out in a live situation or a loud club.

Is this normal?

My workaround is just using my Mackie HP-out instead though.

I’ve checked the main outputs and they seem to respond normally to the volume control, the issue seems to be specific to the headphone control.

Also, having gotten back to things (was away for a bit) I have experienced other headphone volume behavior different from what I described above. I even had one case where rotating the knob counterclockwise increased the volume! I’ve also had the feeling that sometimes the volume just goes “up” but not so much “down” but then may suddenly revert back to an ok level.

If the potentiometer is optical, then my guess is there’s something physically wrong with the “wheel” portion that interacts with the light. I can’t quite figure offhand if the software would play into that as well if the pot was not functioning correctly?

I have now submitted a ticket. I’m stoked on how awesome this machine is, it’s genuinely an “instrument” in terms of interacting with it and that’s just what I had hoped. Looking forward to getting this resolved and really going in on it :sunglasses:

My wonky headphone control/out can get really loud… easily loud enough to use in the club… (I’m using old sony DJ headphones) so maybe yours is a potentiometer issue to?

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That’d be unfortunate.
There’s no other issues at all with the pot tho (no intermittency, no crackling, etc.)

It’s not super quiet, but not that loud neither… if that makes sense.
Def not loud enuf for a club nor to be deafening… but just loud enough to be usable still.
My working environment is in a home garage, not too much noise… but I still crank it full-CW.

It’s def much quieter than say the HP-out of my JD990, JV80, TX81Z or other romplers/synths. Those can get deafening if cranked all the way up and can be used in a club.