Graphics glitch

When tapping the tempo for a beat and then pressing the tempo button to put the S2400 back to the pattern side I got this graphic glitch on the July OS update. Just an FYI


I have not been able to make that happen. Can you give me steps to reproduce?

I loaded a sample

hit the tap tempo button 4 times to find the tempo of the sample

Then pressed the button to put it back to the pattern mode

That was it

I am doing the same, I think.

  1. Press Tempo
  2. Press Tap/Repeat 4 times
  3. Press Tempo

But I am not getting the graphic glitch. Does it happen every time for you?

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That’s correct but it does not happen all of the time. Thanks for your response Mickey

as a data point im still on march firmware and i did this 20 times and i didnt see it.

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