Granular Synthesis

It would be awesome if you could alter your samples with a granular synthesis effect!


Essentially, this can be done in looper mode if you sweep both the start and end points (in unison) along the waveform, though that wouldn’t be practical. It would be cool if you could lock in the distance between the start/end loop points, then use one of the faders to sweep through the waveform.


Really cool idea! Would be a cool live playback feature I’m just wondering how it would sequence - granular synths are essentially a bunch of “tape heads” playing tiny parts of a sample at the same time or extremely quickly after another - linearly, randomly, etc. So you would have to have to have triggers for each of those “tape heads”

As the 2400 is now, you could try taking a sample, trigger it on say every 64th, 128th, a small time division…and then fine adjust each start point in the loop. That would be time consuming yes, but achieve a similar effect…another similar effect, if not wanting to record - and granted this can only be done in a linear fashion (up and down the sample and not randomly throughout as if programmed)…playback your pattern, set quantize again to a low division, go into slice mode - hit the sample you want to granulate, and move the fader through the sample manually while holding tap/repeat (Shift + repeat to lock). Very cool effect.

I would love this. I know it’s a pretty simple unit right now but setting loop length, adding envelope ADSR, LFO modulation, etc would make this thing the sampler of my dreams (already is but you know lol).

I had an ASR-10 and wasn’t advanced enough to use it like a synth back then but now I’d be all over it. I think Brad mentioned AHDSHR envelope is on its way or implemented already (don’t have my unit just yet) so that’s a great start.

Effects are the least of my wants- I can always plug it into something else for that, but having full granular capabilities would be insane and probably attract another set of customers because of it.

Loop length and complex envelopes are already in there. You can read all about them in the manual and hear them in action in the video lessons while you wait for your unit.

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