Granular Synth/Sampler

I’ve tried some pseudo granular stuff by setting infinite loop with classic envelope to the max, and modulating loop start and end points by hand. It is doable, but sometime it sort of gives up (almost like its not designed to handle this ) when i had three tracks going like this, track 7 pitch all the way down, it would start playback at the default pitch and then drop down an octave every bar until it bottomed out.

It may seem overzealous to be making notes on granular capabilities, but in its most basic form, granular synthesis is just the alternate playback of samples, and this is a kick ass sampler and it would be a shame if it couldn’t manage this in its final form. It would be all time if it did.
Some things that would be ideal:

  • add the same sample to all tracks of a bank at once (maybe I missed this in the manual)
  • playback of <100ms, 1ms would be sweeeeet
  • a play head that could be easily modulated, or loop points that could stay permanently latched and overlap for reverse playback also easily modulated…modulation source doesn’t even have to be internal…
    -live internal routing and mixing, where i could, for example, monitor and record the sum of track 1-4 into track 5 in real time.

---------- if any of this is already possible please let me know, I have a day job so I’ve only spent a few hours with it and have made it through most of the manual----------

too me this all seems like pretty basic stuff that should be doable. IIRC Brad said the cpu was overpowered for future innovation so hopefully we will see this eventually assuming these requests wouldn’t be hardware related.

All that said, this thing sounds amazing and I’m quite happy with it so far so don’t take this the wrong way. Much love for Brad and the team, well done… keep at it.


I think some features to enable granular synthesis would be awesome. I’m gonna reclassify this post as a feature request if that’s cool?


Sure thing.

This would definitely be cool - seeing what tasty chips did with the rasberry pi-based GR-1, I am more than certain there’s enough processing power here.

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The processor in a Raspberry Pi is much more powerful than the one in the S2400.


Interesting and quite surprising.

None the less, I can’t imagine adding a midi mappable play head would be cpu intensive. Stable playback might be though. but I’m fine with this not having full blown granular capabilities… some is a must though. If this thing had an open source element it would be the single best piece of music gear ever. Easier modulation and internal routing with a few simple granular features atop the already kick ass sound engine… game over.

sure, and if they implement that, you will have some other feature that is “a must” :smiley:

Haha I won’t necessarily disagree with you, but some fundamental routing and modulation aside from the current midi mapping (which I do not understand though I am trying, never delt with this before) and a play head would really be enough for me. Granular is an interesting topic because, more so than synthesis, the computer will always be the best for it and Max/msp is already perfect. There’s of course always the tactile argument but the power of max (and how fun it is to make patches) is the reason I cant justify a gr1. The 2400 just sounds so great and is so quick it would be the bees knees of it had some simple granular capabilities like a play head with cc where the the range is set by the start and end points and scaled to 127 (far more uses than just granular stuff). Id be perfectly content with that. Though again, I’m not disagreeing with your point :wink:

And also it may be the “bee’s knees” for you, but not for many others.

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Well aware of what a “typical” granular program is doing, as I said in the original post “pseudo granular” but fundamentally, it’s a play head and randomness. Sure, polyphony is CPU intensive and is where it really gets interesting, thats why I mentioned max/msp, and would never expect the 2400 to come close to it. So I feel like I’ve acknowledged the scope of the project with my feature request: literally one play head per track that can be modulated. It virtually already has this… No disrespect, but please don’t exaggerate my thoughts in this discussion for no apparent reason. I bought this thing for what it is and I love it, whats the harm in raising this topic?

were you just piling on with the other guy who is, for whatever reason, bothered by this post or are you just against scrubbable play heads?

The first one.

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