Global MIDI CC Number 107 [FIXED 460]

Global MIDI CC Numbers

107 6BH Active Live Loop Filter Cutoff

I cannot get this to work the same way CC106 is working. When I change CC 106, I can see the fader value getting updated in the display, as if I was changing the fader itself.

CC 107 does not show the value getting changed. I can hear the change, but the display does not show it. Even more strange, is that the pickup value is not corresponding with what I hear. Say I start with the LPF all the way open (CW). And then send CC 107 value 0. Now the LPF is closed as you can hear (CCW). But if I grab the filterknob, the display shows that the current value is still CW, which is not the current state.

You’re digging deep in the MIDI stuff :smiley:

Actually it seems like even with cc106 (and infact all MIDI CC that affect fader/knob positions), fader catchup is ignored if the value has been set via CC. Seems like a minor thing, but I’ll put it in the bug tracker :+1:

Yes, I agree that it is very very minor. I just report what I see. I said it before, to me everything added or fixed is nice to have. No more must haves. Especially after the last update. This sampler is by far my favorite sampler and I have plenty.

I just was trying out all the midi CC stuff to check out what I liked best to put in custom templates for my Launchpad X. I did not really record a loop at first, but was checking the display for changes. At first I thought the filter CC was not working at all. After that I started looping real audio and found out what was really going on.

This is so minor to me, that you can remove it from the list. Unless somebody else objects.

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