Multi instrument / track MIDI CC control?

not sure if i’m missing something here…

i have A2 and D7 set to the same MIDI channel.

i am sending Pan and Filter Cutoff CC messages.

A2 is responding to the changes but D7 is not.

both MIDI settings of:
mode: Percussion
channel: 3

shouldn’t they both react the same way to the incoming CC#s?

i am not triggering them externally…only CC control externally.

thanks for any help!

i dont think you can have 2 separate tracks using 1 cc, i dont think i know anything that will work that way - even a daw

why not assign D7 to diff cc?

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It is not 2 different things controlled by 1 CC that @SPIKE_the_Percussion is mentioning. If I understand correct, he is trying to send different CC messages for PAN and Filter Cutoff, but on the same channel.

I tried this myself and my observation is the same. You cannot expect the machine to respond on different midi channels, although they are both set to the same channel number. The first pad (alphabetically) will respond, all others won’t.

Is this by design @Mickey ?