Glitchy Screen and Buttons Pressing Rec/Edit


I just got the 2400 last week and it will intermittently display a glitchy screen and buttons and enter the number 8 in the pattern number when pressing Rec/Edit. It does not appear to change with the playback. I am experiencing this behavior with the current firmware as well as the previous 2. It appears unexpectedly and I cannot make it repeat this error. Rebooting the machine doesn’t make it go away but once the machine is off for a few minutes it seems to be ok until it acts up again. Please see video.


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That is odd, And you said you noticed it going back 2 FW updates? I’ll have to check this tomorrow but I haven’t seen this issue.

Looks like a hardware issue to me. Send in a support ticket and we can get you sorted.

Yes I had thought that it was because I installed the new firmware but then installed the previous two and it still happened. Thanks

Ok good to know thanks! I had created a ticket initially but was instructed to post it here first.

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Mr @roborr will be along to help you out, probably to make sure your IDC cable isn’t touching the power cables. Strange behavior ensues when that happens. And if that is all it is all the better for everyone, no shipping the unit and your problem is resolved. But it’s not one we’ve really seen.

Got it. I just isolated them further apart and will test. Thanks

Mine looked like this and then I got it looking like this for a different issue.


Thanks! Yes mine looked like the before picture as well and now I have rearranged them like yours. So far so good I will keep testing. Hopefully that is all it is. Much appreciated!