Freezing after the last update [FURTHER INFO FROM USER REQUIRED]

When I have all banks loaded with samples and I’m switching between them, my machine seems to freeze almost every time I shift between the banks. At this point no button functions and a restart is required. When it does this, it also hangs my cubase session.

Any ideas?


Does this happen only with a particular project? If so, can you share?

Hey mate thanks for the swift reply. I won’t get a chance to get in the studio and test for a couple days. But this is only the second time I have ever loaded up all the banks with samples and noticed shifting between them froze the machine. I will test to see if it is just this one project, and get back to ya asap.


Im getting the same thing here :frowning:

@Pesh909 What do you mean by “shifting”? Just pressing the Bank key?

Tested on many files and banks. It keeps freezing when switching between banks from time to time. Also the swing settings never save after the update. I have to manually re set them every time I load a project.