Filter not working in multi pitch mode on other pads

See attached video- have a sound on pad A1, when I put it in multi pitch mode, the filter does not work on pads A2-A8, only works on A1. I do have multi mode sync enabled if that is required, but I tried both enabled and disabled and no difference…

So I see that each pad can have its own filter setting- that is great, but is there a way to make one knob control all the cutoff? I feel like Im missing a new(or old?) feature here…

Sorry for the blast of replies but the way it seems to be working is that if I hit a pad and move the filter cutoff on any knob it will adjust the filter cutoff for the pad Im tapping. However, that only affects the playback of the pad Im tapping while tweaking and then the pad of the knob I tweaked ends up with the setting. For example:

Tap Pad A8 while tweaking knob A2. You will hear A8s cutoff responding to the knob tweak. Then let go of the knob, tap A8 again. There is no filter change anymore and it is wide open. Tap pad A2 however, and you hear the filter at the tweaked position. Is this the way its supposed to be working? I dont know if its really a bug, but it is not quite what I would expect. If multi mode lets you have separate filter settings per pad, I would expect that tweaking A2 would not affect A8 as described above.

It is not so much a bug as a side effect.

In Multi Mode you are working with a single track (the same sound). So, changing the filter while the sound is playing will filter the sound. However, the filter settings are still only saved on that multi pad, and when the pad is pressed, it uses those settings.

Thanks @Mickey I mostly agree with the exception that I remember (maybe incorrectly?) that if I tweaked track A1 filter cut off before it would affect all 8 pitches/pads. Did this change?

That did not change. The filter and pitch are both multi values.

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Thanks and apologies for the confusion. :slight_smile:


in multi mode how to control the filter of 8 pad with only one? I did not understand the chengement when we check the box multi mode sync …