File Browser won't play 16bit 48khz WAV files

As the title suggests when assigning a sound via the track settings, or accessing files via the file browser, files saved at 16bit 48khz do not play until they are loaded to a pad/track.

I would assume this is the case for anything that isn’t 16bit 44.1khz but I can’t guarantee this yet, I will keep an eye out for what other file types cause the issue.

I spent ages converting to 48k specifically for the machine, then have had to start re-converting everything back to 44.1… So strange it can’t play it’s own native format. Or am I missing something/ being stupid somehow?


Hi, seems to work fine here.

Double check your settings on the “preview sound” submenu.

You can access it with F5 on a sample when on the “Browse Files” menu.

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Cool will have a look shortly, just transferring some stuff. Will find/ convert a specific 48k file to test too

OK so I converted some files to the exact same format: 16Bit Stereo WAV 48khz

I did absolutely nothing else or different and these play fine. I’m stumped lol.

There is definitely some sort of variable that causes audio to not play in the browser. I have seen it briefly mentioned elsewhere on here, but couldn’t find it again, and thought maybe I’d found the key to the mystery… but apparently not heh

I had the issue of samples not previewing on a blank pad but thought I may have done something odd to cause it. If I assigned a sound, then went back to assign a sound, I could hear them this time.
Could be a bug, let’s see next time.

Yeah like I say thought I’d found out why it was doing it with the 48khz, but apparently it seems more random then.

please provide the file, thanks

The file didn’t seem to be the problem in the end. It seems to be doing it more at random. Will keep an eye on when it does it and keep a copy of those files anyhow. Cheers