Fader Behavior & Step Editor alternate work flow


Here are some feature requests/discussion points that I submit humbly.

My angle here is the S2400 as a peformance instrument. I understand that this is very much secondary to its primary purpose, and therefore that all the points below might be ignored. Basically I’m just throwing some ideas. Cheers.

A) Fader pick up point

When switching in and out of various modes, each fader may not be physically aligned with its actual data point.


Going out of any mode and into the default “Mixer Mode”, I believe your fader could be physically at 50% where in fact the track volume is 80%. If you were to move the fader then, the volume would follow the fader’s input immediately (49% or 51% and on, as soon as the fader is moved either up or down)(An example is here, look at track 4 at around 53:40 https://youtu.be/P_pEAIOhXVs?t=3218 ).

I propose a fader behavior option where the fader’s input is ignored until it first crosses the last data point. In this example, the fader would have to be moved back to 80% before its input affects track volume again. A different way of explaining this is the option to change the fader behavior to require first picking up where you left off. (As explained above, this is with the view of using the S2400 as a performance piece. I understand it may make little sense when editing a sample).

If this were to be implemented, I would welcome a visual cue when the fader crosses/ picks-up its last data point. Maybe something like a brief flash of both the track’s A&B switches.

B) Press and hold to select a step in Step Editor mode

In this video here https://youtu.be/P_pEAIOhXVs?t=3115 we see Brad changing the pitch of a single step while in step editor mode. Brad first moves the encoder to select the step to be edited and then operates the pitch change. I propose an alternate workflow, where a step is simply pressed and held while the editing takes place. I think this opens the possibility of modifying steps on the fly without having to look at the screen - it might be more immediate and intuitive for some too.



Came here to ask the same.

Really hoping the step editing suggestion will be implemented, that would be sick!