Dynamic Filter Noise


I have read the posts about the Dynamic Filter noise but it appears that on my unit the noise is different between 1 and 2. 2 is a loud steady white noise that I assume is normal based on other posts. But 1 has the white noise plus a loud crackling sound. I have made a sound file. I have normalized the file to -2 DB. 0-5 sec is no dynamic filter. 5-10 sec is Filter 2 and 10-15 is 1. Anyone else experience this?


I can confirm the noise on 2 is typical. The noise on 1 isn’t. I would create a ticket so @roborr can sort you out.

could it be that the white noise sample you used is being filtered wierd?

Great thanks for confirming!

No samples loaded just the sound of the unit by itself.

that’s the old vinyl emulator!

but seriously, this will need to be brought home for repair.
please create a support ticket.


:slight_smile: Thanks the support team is working on it now.

gotcha yikes well that certainly is a problem if it sounds like you’re sampling white noise lol. Looks like the team is on it hoping for a swift fix and back home soon for ya!

Thanks! Yes the support team has been great and I hope to have it back soon.

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