A few Bugs with sample playback and levels

First up I have the latest version of the software from 16 Dec 2020.

"Stereo playback question"
When I load a sound in i.e a stereo loop either sampled in or via the usb dump I’m not hearing or visualising as much stereo information or top end as the original sample on playback on a pad.
I am sampling using the hifi mode in stereo to sample. Then I am assigning it to a pad in stereo hifi, then I am using the pan function to select L+R. In play back the sample I am hearing and also seeing less top end and a narrower stereo image. It’s playing back with a roll off in the low end and the top end. Not sure if this is intentional but I just wanted to check. I have run tests with pink noise and they seem to confirm what I am hearing and seeing.

I am only using the stereo outputs at the moment and have no filter engaged.

"Levels Question"
Also sometimes the levels seems to change randomly if I go in and out of some menus.
I was wondering if the levels of a classic mode and hifi mode when in mono and stereo mode are supposed to play back at different levels.

"Filter Question"
Also the analog filters of the individual outputs were latched on when I got my unit. I think I have un-latched them now tho as they now sound like they are all switched off.
Any advice or thoughts would be really helpful.

"Pad Question"
My pads don’y seem that responsive. Any thoughts as they are much less responsive than mp MPC3000. I’m in full mode and not dynamic mode but they seem to miss the first taps when I am playing the s2400…


One screen shot is pink noise in logic by Span
The other screen shot is the same pink noise sampled and played back into the s2400 with Span