Dynamic filter oddity or me [FIXED]

I’ve been trying out the output filters and found something odd let’s see if I can explain my findings.
I use a stereo drum beat sample.
I’m using the stereo outputs but set sample to ch1 and turn on filters 1 and 2 in the effects page. This gives me a dynamic filter effect that I would describe as a filter envelope with a fairly short decay. I like this.
Now in multi slice mode, or even just in slice mode, when I trim the sample the effect is gone. I can only hear it when I trim to the start of sample.
I was expecting in multi slice mode each hit would trigger the dynamic filter.


ack, will be fixed


On the flipside, it’s actually a pretty rad way to use that filter (which sounds really good) fully closed without that pesky dynamic attack. I had to mod my SP’s to function this way.

Are the dynamic filter’s sustain frequency adjustable inside like the original? I forgot to look when I was in there.

Was this fixed?



I didn’t get a mention in the os notes.:disappointed_relieved: