Do we have an FAQ?

I’ve been a month and half on the 2400 now and every time I’m trying to do something new, I find myself searching in the manual, in the forum , browse menus before I figure how to do stuff… sometimes a tedious process because this machine is so powerful in terms of options at any given time .
I’ve started a FAQ in french just for my own sake with contains 20+ Q&A I had to resolve .Having a simple liste of questions and answers for beginners and intermediate level would probably make the learning curve easier for new owners.

examples :
Q: how to copy one track to another ?
A: click copy + tap the source pad then the destination pad

Q: how to load a full EMU KIT?
A: go into FILE, then browse files, then load a .HFE file
the 4 banks of 32 tracks shall be populated
(caution: this could erase existing tracks !)

etc… this could be done by users (not devs) so we don’t take away bandwidth from them .

thoughts ?

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