Getting Started on the S2400

I apologize in advance if this has already been done but I did search “Getting Started” and didn’t see anything like what I want to post.

I just got my S2400 last night so I started working on it immediately this morning to get familiar and I just wanted to note some things that have got me moving along quickly that might help some other users.

  • first and foremost, this forum, it was the first place I went

  • secondly, the manual link (duh, RTFM !)

  • But what has really been helping me out the most is the YouTube channel. I encourage everyone to go back and check out some of the older videos as well as the “video user manual”.

I bought mine mainly for sampling and chopping for hip hop, so while I would like a video dedicated directly at sampling in the user manual series (fingers crossed), the hour long live stream video that came out last September felt like the perfect, quick walk-though video that I needed to get up and running.

Thanks again to Brad and the team for an amazing machine!!

Edit: Just found the Ski Beatz sample and chop video, this is a great help as well!


the next video n the series by alex is on sampling :+1: