Distortion with samples on different channels?

I’m not sure what’s going on here, not sure if I should post a bug report or if I need to open a support ticket. I’ve randomly run into this at times tonight (first I’ve tried to explore the S2400) but this was the clearest example I could come up with. I’ll just randomly get distortion on one or two samples when playing, no channel overlap so it’s not choking I don’t think.

The kick sample is on channel 1, classic engine, plays clean on its own.
The vocal sample is on channel 8, classic engine, also plays clean on its own.
If I play the vocal while the kick is running, there’s something like digital distortion.

Changing levels and channels didn’t seem to have any effect.

Quick video I uploaded on IMGUR - https://i.imgur.com/nsAeEK4.mp4

load the project up here inc. samples

That didn’t seem to work. I can’t upload a zip file with the samples, I’ll just send in a support ticket.

I didn’t save the project last night but using the same sample it happens again today - but weirdly, the same sample on B8 instead of D8 has no distortion. A stock sample from the internal kit that I used (on D5) also distorts.

Please don’t raise a support ticket. The dev team/beta testers don’t have access there. This is the correct place to post it. Thanks


Well, here’s the kit and S24 file

Project001.KIT (67.6 KB)
Project001.S24 (14.6 KB)

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Thanks. I’ve got Rozz3r looking into it for you.

And the sample that distorts on D8 but not B8. The rest of the kit is just EASki internal samples.

Two examples -
The first is the project from before - muting the kick (A1) and the “Amen” sample (D8) at different times, then the distortion comes when they’re played together.

Just as a test, I started a new project, loaded a Chaz Emphatic kit, then added one of the CE drums to D5 and the “Amen” sample to D8. I recorded the D5 and D8 on their own, started the patter with the kick going and then played the samples and they start distorting.

This is via the mix outs direct to interface, not clipping.

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Just an addendum because I’m trying things to see if I can figure out a pattern - took out my SD card in case that was the issue, turned the S2400 on, loaded the Rory Dow M5Spring kit (pads A1-B8). Everything loads and plays fine, I can play any pad with the pattern running. Added an internal Lisa Vazquez vocal sample across C1-4 (channels 2-5, with one sample playing from the original kit on B1, channel 1) - the vocal samples play fine by themselves but if the pattern is running it distorts.

So it appears that loading any sample may lead to the distortion?

I know @rozz3r is working on this. I have a few questions: have you tried a different SD card entirely and reinstalling the Firmware, or even rolling it back to a previous version? Are you getting distortion out on the same channels via the 8 outs not only on the mix outs? What about Headphone out?

Also what is your recording chain? What are you recording/monitoring into?

I tested it last night without an SD card at all and had the issue come up.

This a Rory Dow kit was loaded from startup across A & B banks, B1 playing on channel 1, then a couple of hits on other B bank samples as a test. Added a Lisa Vasquez sample to C1, channel 2. When the pattern of B1 playing on channel 1 is running, C1 distorts.

I’m recording from mix outs direct to an Apollo Twin X, hitting -18 on the meter with just the kick running or the LV sample playing. When I trigger C1 and get the distortion it hits ~-13.

I just ran the test with channels 1 & 2 direct out, the distortion happens on C1/channel 2 but not on the channel 1 out.

I also just tried loading the same LV sample to pad B6, replacing the one that was on there, out to channel 2 - no distortion.

Changing the C1 sample to channel 6 and coming from that direct out, it’s distorted.

Swapping cables (different cables and swapping them between outs) has no effect.
Just checked and the distortion also happens with the headphone out.

I’ll try rolling back to previous firmware next.

Humor me, what SD card are you using?

Rolling back to the 10/01 firmware, distortion is still present with the tests above with and without SD card.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB, formatted in the S2400.

I know this sounds crazy, and it’s a long shot, but do you have a different brand SD card you could use to load the firmware and try again.

I do not, but I have two 64GB Sandisks that are supposed to arrive tonight. I’ll make that the next test.

I also threw a Hail Mary and loaded an E-A-Ski kit with 30 samples - loading a different internal sample to one of the C Bank pads created the distortion again.

The reason I’m asking is because we’ve noticed some odd behavior with Extreme Pro 128s. However a few people have reported 64 and 256 issues as well. I bought some Lexars and Samsungs and the problems disappeared. Now mostly these issues showed up as the card not being recognized. However in one of my units (yeah I have 2) it introduced some audio issues. Not like yours but things I hadn’t selected like echo out on the USB were being triggered among some other weird issues.

What I’m trying to ascertain is if the SanDisks are responsible for introducing audio issues even via firmware installation which might explain why it happens with or without the SD card. Like I said it’s a long shot but worth a try.

This (your sample) sounds like the distortion I got one time when I left a sample playing to the sample input, while working on the machine. The sample was quiet so I boosted it to the input a good amount. But, after the quiet part ended (on the sample hitting the S2400 input), it distorted the Mix Out just like this.

Sometimes it’s easy to just let something play while we chop things up. But, in my case, the louder passage playing through my input was pegging the Mix Out, even though I wasn’t in Sample mode.

Make sure the input sample isn’t playing, then see if it happens again :+1:

We were wondering about the same what makes me think it might not be that is it’s happening on the headphone outs and the solo outs not just the mix outs where the Op Amp can clip. But double checking all of it is a good idea since none of us are in the same room and able to check all the things.

I don’t have anything connected to the sample input, I haven’t tried actually sampling anything yet. Currently, all internal samples used except one file from Splice (the “Amen” in the original sound clips).