Default 12 bit and Classic default states/ Default user configuration

Maybe I am missing something in the manual but as far I can tell, I could not find an option in the settings to switch the entire machine into Classic mode for the Bit Depth, Pitch, Swing and Envelopes. This would be really nice to have under Default Settings. Maybe a checkbox like Classic 12 and/or User Config so you can mix and match the settings you require. For example. I like to use 16th Swing, with 12 Bit Playback, Hifi Envelopes and Classic Pitch.


As far as I know, Classic Mode is a sampling setting in the sampling screen.

Switching from 16 bit 48khz to 12 bit 22khz, defining the difference between Normal Mode and Classic Mode.

Additionally, in the main menu machine settings, you can change the voice polyphony.

I don’t have my machine in front of me at tbe moment, and I still haven’t done the latest update, but I was always under the impression that Classic Mode is a group of separate personalized settings.

Quantization is a based on a note scale, so bit depth wouldn’t have any effect on snapping notes to a grid.

I will say that the swing and quantization on this machine takes a while to get used to if you are coming from an Akai or Ensoniq workstation.


Yeah would love this. So often end up changing every single pad to Classic mode + mono, be nice if there was a universal default you could change for when opening samples from the SD.

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