Pre-purchase questions

Hi just a couple of pre-purchase questions if anyone can help?

  1. If you’re using stereo samples, does the 8 voice polyphony halve to 4 voices?

  2. Can you use all sounds in all banks in any one pattern?

  3. Are there envelopes on the channel 1 and 2 filters? ADSR?

  4. Is there a workaround for hearing the filters through the headphone output? Filters are important to me and I’ll use this through headphones 99% of the time.


  1. No, stereo sound do not change the polyphony. Eight sounds can play at once whether they are mono or stereo.
  2. Yes.
  3. There are fixed envelopes, just like the Classic machine. No ADSR control. The digital filters have full envelope control.
  4. There is no workaround for that, the Classic filters are only on the output jacks. The digital filters can be heard in the headphones.
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  1. Well, I guess a workaround would be to plug your headphones into whatever mixer or computer the output jacks are plugged into.

Thanks @Mickey, really helpful.

Ok I thought it was the digital filters that were fixed.

Can the digital filters on channels 3-8 have an envelope each? Are they full ADSR?

Can you use a digital filter on 1 and 2 if you wanted to?

Do you assign which channel output each of the 32 samples go to?


The analog filters on outputs 1-6 are exactly like the Classic. The only control over them is the abilty to turn them on or off.

You have full AhDShR envelope control of the digital filters.

The digital filters are not per output channel, they are per track (a track is what we call the 32 samples).

Each track is assigned to one of the eight output channels, and also an optional alternate channel. See pages 54-55 of the manual for more details.

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Thanks so much @Mickey,

I didn’t realise there are digital filters per track. I thought 1+2 were dynamic analogue and 3-8 were fixed digital!

That is awesome!


Yah, I was thinking the headphone jack on the interface, if you use one.

Thanks, I don’t have a mixer anymore or an interface. It’s not for a pro set up or anything. I just want to use it standalone and have fun.

Classic filters are only on the output jacks. ? Why is this , can´t you guys just change this(Old technology)

Couldn‘t you just plug a Y cable into the mix outs? Works for me with most devices that don‘t have headphone out.

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