Custom Startup Image

When the S2400 starts, it looks for a file called start.bmp in the root of the SD card. If found, it will display that image for a few seconds.

  • Only BMP files are supported, not JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Images can be any size, however only the upper left 128 by 64 pixels will be displayed.
  • Color images will be converted to monochrome and dithered.
  • Images with high contrast display the best. Text and line art works great. For photos, consider removing extraneous background details.
  • There are plenty of online tools to convert, crop, resize, and edit images.
  • In the file browser, click on a BMP file to display it. Press any key to return to the file browser.

Thanks for the detailed instructions. Looking forward to checking out the update.

I have found this site to be the easiest to create the image thus far: