Crashing, multimode not saving patterns then not deleting hits [MORE INFO FROM OP REQUIRED]

Last night my 2400 kept crashing. First time this has happened to me. Latest firmware. Very small project - only 6 tracks - some of them 8 bar samples, but not running all together. I’ve had much bigger projects using similar without issue. Crashing when trying to record in multimode. Seems to be ok with other projects - one 8 bar sample is pitched down -10 and sliced - could it be I’m over working the memory here? Sort of fixed that issue by bouncing the long slowed sample. Tonight it’s randomly not saving some of the patterns in Slice Multi Mode and then not deleting individual hits using the usual method…

Hi, can you reproduce the crash each time when using this project?
If yes, please create a step by step that leads to the crash and post it here so that they can investigate :slight_smile:

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I got the issue with some hits that cannot be removed anymore (a couple of times). But the last time, I could save the project (save as). When loading this project, I get an empty project. Maybe there is some information still present in the project, so here are the files… (7.2 KB)
Project034bug.KIT (119 Bytes)
Project034bug.S24 (14.5 KB)