CPU room for 3BandEQ and master Reverb delay?

Hi, so any chance there is enough processing power for a 3 band EQ (at a minimum), per channel?
And one basic master reverb/sync delay? (Could even be mono).



Eq would be my only bump on this. However the way I look at it is if it will detract from other features there are so many options available ITB and OTB to complete these tasks.

On of the things that happened with DSI Tempest was that additional features affected the final product in ways that almost crippled the machine. The experience hurt the fan base. I am still a loyal Tempest user but I wished they focused on what it was originally meant to do.

+1 on a 3-band fixed EQ and basic reverb/delay.


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I understand what your saying. I would keep it simple, like right under RESAMPLING in the File Menu, an “EQ File”, which opens up its own window, imagine all 8 Faders are now the Frequency Spectrum that you can sculpt above or below the Fader Zero line!! Then you render in your EQ into a few saved sound file. This way, EQ is a separate module with no effect on normal 2400 functionality!

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There is an effect button and menu so it might be implemented there in the future.