Copy pattern when extending it

Noticed if you have a 1 bar pattern and extend it, currently, you get a blank pattern in the extended bars.

Would be cool if you could automatically copy what you had so far to fill the pattern. So if you have a kick snare pattern you like you can just build on it for example for percussion. The elektron boxes do this by default and it’s a great work flow IMO.

Is there currently a way to copy a bar at a time of a whole pattern and paste it in the new empty bar?


I wholeheartedly support this. My SP-16 works this way and its a huge time saver.


Changing the length does not do any copying.
Copying a pattern onto itself copies the existing pattern n times while extending the length.
Works just like the Classic.


NM, ninjad by mickey

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@Mickey beat me to it…

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That works! Can close this thread I suppose. Just have to get used to it!

I was going to create a new topic about this, but you answered it . Thanks !!! In the step program, can you shift or nudge any of the hits or events ?

not yet

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Oh ok, so that will be coming soon ?

Soonish :slight_smile: