Copy midi pad - not saving [FIXED]

I may have come across a bug where after copying midi pad E4 to E5, upon reopening the project after a save, pad E5 reverts to the state before it was copied to. The sequence remains in the track, but the track settings including pad colour and midi channel revert.


Can you give us exact steps to reproduce? What Copy function did you use?

Thanks for the report.
I assume you using the hold Copy, press pad 4, press pad 5 method.
There is a bug there. It is not flagging the MIDI track settings as changed, so the track map file does not get saved when the project is saved.
That is fixed in dev. Until the next release, the work-around is to go into the settings and change a setting (even if you change it right back).


Thank you that is the exact issue and the workaround has indeed worked fine

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