Come on then, let's see your studios


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“Sensi seeds” yes!
Nice rig.

Where did you get the yellow knobs and faders?

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They are “gold” color.



BTW, they have a 50% off sale now at DJTT :fire:

That mixer tho. Does it have direct outs for each channel?

Yeah it does. It’s on basic mixing duties before it goes to the finalizer.

It’s a bit of a stop gap… I’m on the lookout for an 8 bus so I can track out and get more surgical in the DAW.

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Recently I got a Mackie analog mixer. Sounds good an all but no direct outs. I want to upgrade to an 8 channel interface to have the option to record separate tracks on Studio One instead of the 2-track mix but then I remembered my mixer doesn’t have the DO’s. And I’m not doing multiple recording passes.

I tried to exchange it but my return window was just about closed. :angry: Hopefully I can sell it at some point.


I hear ya, was in the same boat before I found this A&H for cheap, has a really low noise floor and lots of routing and outputs for the interface. But I find myself always recording the stereo outs anyway and using the sweepable EQ because it’s easier and does the job.

I’ll grab a Mackie 24:8 when funds permit.

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The two extremes of my gear tastes, how it started 40 years ago :point_down::point_down::point_down:

And where I am this year :point_down::point_down::point_down:

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Nice! What mixer is that?

deleted wrong answer :wink:

Thank god this makes me feel less ‘insane’. I have a lot of bass gear and pedals as well, with far less space. This looks awesome.

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That looks bloody gorgeous!

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Bruh, that is a crazy setup. I see you have the Edirol UM-880, that thing is fantastic. Did you know there is an updated version of it?:

You probably know about it, but if not, it could really be a helpful addition to your amazing setup.
I am not affiliated with them at all…I just discovered it one day and it changed the game for me. So helpful for MIDI routing.

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How do you remove the original slider knobs without damaging anything. Do they just pip off?

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Use your thumb and index fingers to kind of go “under” the fader and pry them up. Some of them would be more stubborn than others to come off.

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