Clear sample does not clear its pattern data - bug or not? UPDATE: confirmed as expected behaviour

clear sample, steps remain in patterns

would seem logical to remove all data once pad cleared no?


That is by design.

ok thanks Mickey , may i ask why as we are now having to press more buttons to clear any pattern data after clearing pad - is there a combo i have not found where i can wipe all data inc. sequence related to a pad?

There is the nuclear approach Clear All (Patterns, Songs, Samples, Everything) in the settings menu. There is the Clear All events for pad in Step Edit mode- Go into step mode, hit erase(and release) then the pad, or the individual events per event by erase + pad

yeah cheers fella i got them - nuke would be an excellent option if we could have nuke per pad

step remove is per pattern iirc so i would still need to access all patterns

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