Clear all outputs and choke groups

A simple function to clear/reset all outputs and choke groups would be extremely helpful.



Same, the choke groups really mess with my vibe sometimes… … .

@Melkerpetterson wait, do the settings for output channels persist after reboots?

I’m not entirely sure but I was under the impression that they reset to default on every reboot

Yes, the output for every track is saved with the project and still there after a reboot. Or what do you mean?

I think the pan settings are global though, I think.

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So is it saved in a project or is it a global setting? If it’s global, then I can see how adding this feature would be critical.

If it’s only from within a project, then the settings don’t persist but rather get recalled with project files when it’s being loaded. I can imagine that the priority for such feature would be very low.
Although, I totally get how it could make things easier. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure it’s saved with the project.

I often open an old project, save it as a new project and clear all the sequences and start something new with the samples already loaded in there and delete/add some stuff. For this case it would be very useful :slight_smile:

But as you say, not a priority for me either but there have been times I wish this feature was there.

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