Changing patterns on the fly?

Is there a quantised way to change patterns without waiting for the current pattern to finish?

Yeah that would be a great feature. Maybe Shift+pattern scrolling and the switch happens immediately once shift is released


Shift+Run/Stop makes the newly selected pattern start right away - from the beginning of the new pattern. What do you mean quantized? Like you want the cut over to happen at the end of a measure?


Yes exactly. I figure from the way you asked maybe there isn’t a way to do that? :slight_smile:

No, there isn’t.

Thanks Mickey. I’d love it if you could, I’ll add a feature request.

This post can serve as the feature request. I changed the category.

Thanks for that. A couple of ideas into the pot:

In Pattern Mode when Pattern Number is selected (i.e. not Tempo):

Shift + Arrows - could increment or decrement next pattern as normal but change pattern at the end of the current measure.

Shift + Enter - could take you to whatever pattern is cued at the end of the current measure.

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That would be great!