Can you use the S2400 as a Midi-Interface for Sysex Dumps?

Curious… since the S2400 can be used as an audio-interface, and it has Midi In and Out… can it be used as a Midi-Interface for Sysex dumps to old synths?

S2400 is my only piece of music-gear with both USB&Midi.
My audio-interface is a cheap Scarlett 2i2 1st gen (so, no Midi interface).

I’d like to sysex dump/transfer some soundsets/patches to my JD-990 and JV-1080.

If the S2400 can do that, how would I go about doing so? (I’ve never tried using it as an audio-interface, as I don’t use DAW)
I assume…just plug it all up (JD/JV to S2400’s Midi In/Out), set up any relevant settings in Sysex Librarian (I’m on Mac) and just use the S2400 as a normal interface?
What modes or settings within the S2400 itself, that I need to set it to, to perform a Sysex dump?

It’d be cool if it could… would save me $30-50 from buying a Roland or M-Audio Midi-interface-cable (I’ve read them cheaper generic cables can’t do sysex dumps, only Midi note reading).

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I’m afraid not. The S2400 doesn’t have any soft ‘thru’ function that allows MIDI messages to pass unprocessed through the machine. Notes, and CCs (if setup on the relevant track) will go through if you have tracks setup up to do so, but any messages unsupported by the sequencer (eg. sysex, pitchbend, aftertouch) are ignored.

The only way to do it would be to use the MIDI Din ports. So Computer > S2400 Din IN > S2400 Din Thru. This Thru port is hard-wired, so will simply pass on whatever you throw at it. But I don’t think that’s what you’re asking for as it would require a midi interface.


Ah, I see. Thanks for the confirmation and info. Just wanted to make sure, before I buy the midi-interface-cable thingy.

No biggie and all good, the cable is only $30-50 anyways.
Prolly something I shoulda got long time ago; to transfer custom soundsets to all my romplers & synths.

Sysex dumps would be incredible feature for live performance. An iPad interfaces beautifully with the USB B port and could be used to control external hardware if only there was a soft thru capability to go from USB-B → DIN OUT and DIN IN → USB B.

In the meantime I think I’m gonna have to buy a MIDI merger to do what I wanna do.

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+1 for this feature

I’m planning to use patchbase on my iPad for sysex control of my JD-990

It would be great to connect the iPad to the host USB port and pass thru sysex via the S2400 midi out jacks

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