Bulk Resample

I was watching the S2400 Filters video again and thought it would be a big time saver for a user to be able to bulk resample all files in a directory, or select multiple files that gat stuffed into a list and processed one at a time.
Imagine resampling 200 samples, one at a time?


@Brad - In the Filter video you mentioned a technical limitation that prevents repitching prior to resampling.

Here is a possible workaround:

  1. Check available disk space
  2. Select file / files / directory for resampling, and select the amount to pitch upwards prior to resampling
  3. Preprocess the file or files, writing out temporary files that are pitched up
  4. Perform resampling operation on pitched-up files
  5. Delete temporary files

internal pitching up prior to resampling would be a big plus