Being able to read the whole file name in "Edit Step Parameters"

In the following screen, it would be helpful to be able to see the whole file name.

If there is another mean or a workaround I ve missed I would be happy if someone tells me how to see it :slight_smile:

The context for the beat I m making right now is having slices that play in normal or reverse depending on the patterns. I’m trying to have a lot of small variations.

By the way, if someone has the experience of having made beats with a lot of reverse slices any advice on how to manage tracks is welcome. Creating, renaming, and saving multiple copies of the same track seems to be the less problematic solution.

Concerning the screenshot above, I have KBANLAL1-rsp, (1), (2), (3) and so on and I don’t remember what was recorded at first because I did a lot of trials and errors to try to find an efficient workflow.

On every other screen, long file names scroll. We will add that functionality to this screen too.


In the meantime you could put the number at the beginning of the file name if that screen doesn’t scroll. Btw how do you get to this screen? My “Edit step parameters” screen initially shows each parameter in a slider/envelope type display.

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@juniorg F2 for numerical view