Audio outs no longer available? [IN PROGRESS]

Anyone else randomly get this error? Just started happening on the last 2 beats…will still play back audio through my Apollo twin until I load a sample onto a track then it’s audio silence. Have not changed anything in my set-up. Searched forum and haven’t seen anything similar.


This message is shown when you load a beat that was made in a previous OS version. The output routing of the old song is translated to the new way of the output routing and choking.

Are you sure that the sound is not choked by a choke group that was automatically created during translation to the new OS?

@Labemcee Can you confirm that these were projects created by a previous OS version? If so, the message makes sense, as @syah71 says. If they were created with the new OS, then there might be a problem.

Projects were created in most most recent OS.

I see. Any chance you could share a project where this happens?